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Julie is a native New Mexican, growing up in the beautiful desert landscapes of the Southwest. A writer, teacher, and leader by nature, she has her B.A. in Secondary Education and her M.A. in Creative Writing. Julie has been working as an entrepreneur for the past five years, giving her the opportunity to work from home with her children and husband. ​The founder of several successful companies, Julie loves that Buzzy Blogs allows her to combine her passion of writing with her knowledge of how to grow small businesses into huge successes. 


The founder of several successful companies, Julie loves that Buzzy Blogs allows her to combine her passion of writing with her knowledge of how to grow small businesses into huge successes.

Alexandra gained her writing experience during her time with the Department of Energy as a Contract Specialist where she wrote government contracts and amendments. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor's degree in Economics. She is a native New Mexican who also recently became a real estate broker in North Carolina. Currently she is living near Fort Bragg with her husband and their two children while he serves in the Army.

Ellie is a wife, a mama and a dreamer of big dreams living in the suburbs of Chicago. Her love of writing goes back to her childhood in small town Illinois. By day, she manages donor communications for a non-profit organization. By night she is building her own brand, Grow Yourself Girl, focused on helping women build professional skills. Ellie loves writing of all kinds, but resumes and grants are some of her favorites!

Katie is a California native that has relocated to North Carolina by way of the military. An Army Veteran, she is a current military spouse and mother to three incredible little kids, and one naughty puppy. Her middle child has special needs and drives her passion for child advocacy. Katie currently works from home selling women and children's apparel, and has a hobby blog called Dandelion Happy. Katie's background spans from gemology, literature, middle eastern studies, to early childhood education (largely due to her inability to make a decision and her interest in everything). Her proudest accomplishment to date is housebreaking the naughty puppy.


​Carri Holler was born and raised in the Land of Enchantment where she still resides today with her sweet husband Ryan and the best doggie in the world, her Goldendoodle, Margot. Getting a degree in Political Science she worked on campaigns and nonprofits until she changed her profession to teaching. After four years in Albuquerque Public Schools, she once again changed her career path and is now working as a medic for the film industry here in New Mexico while also co-running a clothing boutique with her husband in the Nob Hill district of Albuquerque. As a small business owner she understands the importance of customer relationships, branding and marketing and feels that this brings her insight and knowledge when writing for Buzzy Blogs. Even with Carri's professional obligations she still gives time to her passions for travel, baking, dining and spending time with her loved ones.  In her free time you can catch Care daydreaming about the next adventure life has in store for her and her family. 

Erin Pesut is a writer based in North Carolina. As the previous editor at City View Magazine, she also received her Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in fiction from Columbia University in New York and a B.A. in creative writing from Warren Wilson College. In addition to her love of reading and writing, Erin is also deeply passionate about health and wellness and works as an educator with Beautycounter, an education-first company based out of California. She lives in Fayetteville with her husband and their dog, Teddy. 

Jessica grew up with a passion for the expressive arts and a heart for service. She completed undergraduate studies, Creative Arts for Social Justice, in New Mexico and a graduate degree in Drama Therapy in Kansas. A yoga instructor, drama therapist, researcher, and world traveler she spent the past year and a half working with victims of conflict and displacement in Barranquilla Colombia. She has since begun a new chapter as a Drama Therapist at a clinic in New Haven, Connecticut to work with children and adults exposed to high levels of trauma. Jessica also loves teaching yoga on the side, cooking whole nutritious meals, and visiting her family and friends. She loves writing about mental health, emotional well-being, community outreach, and yoga, while also being well versed in grant and technical writing.