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The ​personal way to keep your ​content fresh and tasty. 

​Buzzy Blogs is an all-girl team of super awesome writers who can help you manage the content strategy for your female-consumer brand. Our expertise stems from our rich, collective background in language and our deep roots in the niche markets you’re aiming to reach. Unlike other blog writing companies, we ensure that your content is fresh (we don't just Google things and write about them). Our monthly content subscriptions aren’t like anything else out there. Why? Because content isn’t one-size-fits all. And neither are we. At Buzzy Blogs, we’re different. Customize your monthly subscription. Change the length. Modify the frequency. Publish it yourself or use our writers as contributors.

Either way, it’s pretty sweet.

​We’re not just women writers. We’re industry experts. From certified yoga instructors to clean beauty experts, hometown realtors to floral designers, the all-female team at Buzzy Blogs are jet-setters, adventuristas, teachers, mothers, and personal stylists, wedding planners, coffee experts, and astrologists. You’re not outsourcing your work—you’re letting industry experts craft their own. We promise, your audience will be able to tell a difference.

And you'll like getting the buzz...

We'll write what you wish you had time to write. ​

Buzzy Blogs uses a unique process in order to make sure your content is on point for every single post. Through team collaboration, rounds of research and revision, and responsive feedback, we craft your blogs with the attention and precision they deserve. And because we know writing takes a lot of energy, none of our awesome writers do it full-time. This means that they can do what they love, fill their cup and come back each week ready to write. The only thing we churn out here is butter for our morning scones.

Julie Schoen is a best-selling author, copywriter, yoga instructor and entrepreneur. A former middle school teacher gone rogue, Julie has started and sold several online digital businesses, getting her feet wet in all sorts of things including content marketing. A fluent Spanish speaker and world traveler, Julie's passion for writing (and challenge to find any time to do it) inspired her to create Buzzy Blogs as an answer for boutique brands and mamapreneurs looking to find a way to try to do it all. A regular contributor on, Julie brings a unique spirituality and poetry to her writing, which is just one of the many things that set her apart from other content writers.

Julie compiled her team of writers on Buzzy Blogs to ensure that they are not only fabulous wordsmiths, but that they also live rich, diverse, interesting lives (the kind that makes for interesting reads). Julie and her husband live with their three small children between Albuquerque and Boulder, Colorado.

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