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3 Blog Stops Every #girlboss Needs to Make

While blogs are great for all of the practical business things they can accomplish, like drive traffic and build a loyal audience, one of the secret reasons we love our time on blogs is that they inspire something wonderful inside of us.

A great blog is like a wonderful friend:

  • someone you can steal outfit ideas from
  • someone you can confide in (or who confides in you)
  • someone you can count on to give you fresh ideas

Below are our three favorite blogs of the moment, ones that every #girlboss needs in her life right now.

Darling: More than a blog, Darling is a magazine that keeps an impressive, constantly updated collection of content for every type of woman. Sorted into types, like the Intellectual, the Hostess, the Stylist, and the Achiever, their content is always thoughtful and fun. It’s a binge-worthy stop we make nearly every day. But when we're looking specifically for #girlboss inspiration, we head straight to this bookmarked page.

This is our favorite Darling Achiever article of the moment.

The Numinous: Like Darling, The Numinous is formatted to feel like an online magazine (but, unlike Darling, it isn’t available in print - yet). Specializing in “mystical” content for “material” girls, The Numinous offers practical advice in the form of spiritual development, mantras, and style wisdom. Of course, there are other kinds of “practical” blogs to be found, like our current favorite gem all about team spirit.

Marie Forleo: We love Marie for so many reasons, one of which is her ability to get a lot done without doing more work than necessary. Her blog is the perfect example of this. Basically the written notes to her awesome YouTube shows and interviews, her blog is a great one-stop shop to catch up on all of her business advice - fast. If you’re not already subscribed to her YouTube channel, do that first.

Then read one of our favorite MF posts about the “Broke Mindset”.

On your mark. Get set. Bookmark!​

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