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3 Ways Blogging Builds Customer Relationships

It is estimated that over $1.2 million is spent online every thirty seconds. That’s a lot of money moving around very quickly. The potential your business has by being online is huge. A website is one of the easiest ways to get in front of your potential audience.

​Because your audience is already there and looking. In fact, not having a website these days is worse than shooting your business in the foot.

BUT… having a website today is not enough either. Everyone has a website. They are a necessary commodity in today's online world.

People crave interaction and they want personal relationships. Companies and businesses that are able to create this type of community for their online audience get the business that you’re not getting.

So how are these businesses creating relationships online with their customers?

You’ll notice that almost every single one of the most successful companies, business, websites, etc. online has a blog. And not just any blog - a frequently updated blog that carries awesome and valuable content. Content that has probably been optimized for SEO.

Why Does Blogging Work?

Here are the three biggest reasons that the companies that continue to stay on top of their competitors invest in their blogs:

1. Blogs Deliver Value.

When a blog does more than just talk, it makes an impression on your audience. Even when blogs get updated regularly, it’s rare to find ones that consistently deliver valuable information its audience wants. Think of it this way, when you get together for a cup of coffee or glass of wine with someone, you usually have a reason for it. Whether it be networking or just much-needed girl time, you’re not going with the intent of having your time wasted.

Your time is valuable.

If you want people to stay on your website, to develop a relationship with you, you have to offer them something valuable - and you can’t only be offering things of value for sale.

That would be like asking your friends to dinner again and again but ONLY if they pay.

Valuable content on a blog, whether it’s informative, evocative, or simply entertaining, nurtures the relationships you need in order for your traffic to turn into customers.

Want to see a great example? Check out Marie Forleo’s blog and see just how much VALUE she delivers again and again - completely for free.

2. Great Blogs Get Frequent and Repeat Traffic.

When you have a great blog that checks all of the boxes (updated frequently, offers value, well-written content…) people notice. And they’ll come back for more. Oftentimes business and website owners overlook how powerful it is to have their URL bookmarked.

When you become THE place for your audience to check-in at, you become the authority in your respected niche. Authority figures create automatic relationships- without ever meeting or personally talking to anyone.

The more people get to know you and your website, the more they come back again and again to see what’s new. And, the more likely it will be that they not only become a customer, but that they become a powerful marketing tool, sharing your business, company, and services with friends and family.

This type of relationship is priceless when it comes to your business’s success.

3. Tell Personal Stories.

A properly used blog gives your audience a chance to get to know you. Through personal stories, you can build a solid repertoire - one that makes them like and trust you. And, in case you didn’t realize it, very few people want to hand over their money to someone they don’t like and trust.

If you have a friend that never shares much with you - maybe they’ll give you their telephone number and you know what they do - chances are, you’re not really going to call them a good friend.

Your business is no different.

When you share personal stories that evoke emotion with your audience, they start to look at you different. They like you more. They talk about you to friends and co-workers. They become paying customers - and they’ll bring you more business too.

When your website doesn’t have a blog, or doesn’t use its blog right, you miss out on building relationships with your audience. Today, relationships fostered through the community of your website or business are one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

And, they’re the number one way to get people to come to your site, stay on your site, and make the transition from traffic to customer.​

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