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A Little Trick For Buzzy Content: Original Research

​While content might be king, it turns out that original content is queen, which is why it’s something we take very seriously at Buzzy Blogs. There are a lot of blog content companies out there, each offering some version of outsourcing that focuses on getting content written consistently and loading it with keywords for SEO. A few years ago, this very well may have been a valid strategy, but today more than ever research is proving that unless the content is filled with original research, chances are it won’t be read - or shared - online.

​“Original research consistently brings visitors to websites and compels them to share on social networks.”
- BuzzSumo

​One of the things that makes Buzzy Blogs so buzzy is that we strive to create original content with original research for our clients every single time. Unlike other companies, we don’t believe it’s good enough to Google a topic and simply rewrite it without offering anything new to consider. While it’s a great strategy for churning out blog posts and making fast money, it’s not a good one to build a business on. Honesty really is the best policy, and companies that tell businesses and entrepreneurs that all they need is content with some keywords to rank and build brand loyalty aren’t telling the whole truth.

Consumers love brands that are fascinating. End of story. And how can you be fascinating if you’re saying the same thing everyone else is? To get straight to the point, you really can’t.

Yes, original research and content created from personal ideas, stories, and beliefs takes time. It’s definitely more of an investment. But, when you see the results you can get from it (74% of websites saw an increase of traffic and 63% saw an increase in shares), you know that it’s worth it.

In order to always stay ahead of the game, you have to change the rules of the game. If you look around and realize you’re doing what everyone else is doing, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.

If your content strategy looks the same as it did in 2015, or if it’s identical to everyone else in your market, then it’s time to change things up. Working with Buzzy Blogs isn’t outsourcing your work - it’s “extra-sourcing” your work, which means that we go above and beyond to create a real relationship with you in order to create content that only you can create. It’s a unique process that, while it requires a little more legwork, results in content with original research and original perspective - and it’s the best way to get your audience buzzing about what you do.

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