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Are You a Spiritpreneur? How to Know and Why it Matters…

It’s hard not to look at a car accident. Human nature compels us to be drawn to the negative simply because of our evolutionary history. The news has become the negative behemoth it is because people like, watch and talk about drama. This pull towards negativity can easily lead us to believe that the world is a horrible, awful, scary place. If we’re not careful, we can get sucked in and, before we know it, we turn into one of those paranoid pessimists we always swore we would never become.

But, in reality, the world is actually a beautiful place filled with amazing people. There is way more good than bad. As Mr. Rogers once said, “When you see something bad, look for all the good people that are coming to help.” (I’m using the quotes freely here… he said something like this…)

While the media likes to give attention to the few bad people that happen to have become successful in business or have made a lot of money, the truth is that the business world is quickly becoming filled with amazing people.

And they’re calling themselves​...

There is a wonderful article featured on The Numinous by Ruby Warrington where she lists the six signs of being a Spiritpreneur. They are:

  1. You suspect there might be more to life than playing company politics in the name of climbing the corporate ladder. (Hint: THERE IS.)
  2. You strongly believe that you have something very, very important to contribute to society. Even if this “something” is simply being the happiest, healthiest version of you—and in doing so inspiring others to be the happiest, healthiest versions of them, too.
  3. You secretly want to become known (okay, “famous”) for the incredible work you do in the world. Even if this work is simply BEING THE MOTHERF*CKING LIGHT.
  4. Your diet and workout regime is less about looking and feeling great, more about having the energy and motivation to make your dreams for a better world a reality.
  5. Your main motivation for seeking financial abundance is … so you can hire an army to work on making your dreams for a better world a reality.
  6. “Success” for you is a multi-dimensional concept, including, but by no means limited to: expressing your creativity; making your own schedule; working with people who feel like friends; making your family proud; financial abundance (so that you can hire an army to work on making your dreams for a better world a reality); having a voice; your work having a positive impact on the lives of others; being the mother*cking light.

When you start to realize the power you have and recognize that this same potential is in every awesome person you meet, you suddenly see good stuff everywhere.

Together we have the ability to change the world we live in.​

All we have to do is choose to make a difference. Choose to be awesome. Choose to be a bad-ass, light-shining Spiritpreneur.

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Julie Schoen is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, retreat coordinator, writer, and branding expert. She is also the founder of, Little Pearl Publishing, and Buzzy Blogs, where she is the head writer and editor. She is a leading female social entrepreneur in the United States, author of over twenty best-selling books, mom of three, wife of one, and an expert at putting her foot in her mouth, figuratively and literally.

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