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Committed to Making a Difference for Women in Business: Buzzy Blogs + Kiva Loans

​When I started Buzzy Blogs in 2017, the mission was to help women running their own businesses manage everything on their plates. Having been at the helm of my own businesses for the past six years, while simultaneously having three children and caring for my home, I understand firsthand just how overwhelming trying to do it all can be. And yet I kept going, motivated by my ability to not just make a difference in the world, but to be able to do it on my own terms, staying at home with my children and setting a schedule that accommodated by husband’s work as well.

Today, Buzzy Blogs has worked with over 2,000 clients around the world, creating fresh content that helps their businesses market their services while also creating a valuable relationship with their audience.

While many content creation companies focus only on word count and SEO, Buzzy Blogs focuses on people, which is exactly why we are excited to announce our new partnership with Kiva.

Kiva, is a unique online platform that helps to connect lenders with small businesses around the world that are in need of funds. Not a donation, Kiva loans are exactly that - a loan that gets repaid by the business you invest in. And, the best part is that Kiva gives 100% of your loan to the business you select to support.

Starting this month, Buzzy Blogs will select a new woman-run business to support every month, creating a loan using a portion of the profits we get from creating content for our clients.

​Statistics show that 70% of the world’s most impoverished people are women. But, when given the opportunity to make money, women are the best at putting that income directly back into their family and community - usually more than 80% of what they make.

According to Nicholas Kristoff, author of Half the Sky, “A series of studies has found that when women hold assets or gain incomes, family money is more likely to be spent on nutrition, medicine and housing, and consequently children are healthier.”

Investing in women is in investing in the future of the world.

And that’s something we’re excited to be a part of.

​About the Author

​Julie Schoen is the founder of Buzzy Blogs. She is also a best-selling author, copywriter, yoga instructor and entrepreneur. ​She lives in New Mexico with her three children, her husband and their two dogs.

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