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Create A 753-Word Blog Post Your Newest Readers Will Devour in the First Hour It’s Published

​Interested in learning what this 753-word blog post really has to offer and why your readers will be super excited to read it? The magic isn’t in the meat - it’s in the details.

With so many people begging for attention online, it’s easy for your content to get lost in the crowd. How do you get their attention? Details.

When I was a freshman in college, I spent a summer semester in Buenos Aires. Eager to jump at the opportunity to live in an apartment in a foreign country (and get out of my parents’ house and that twin size mattress I had slept on since fourth grade - and which may or may not still have had vintage Minnie Mouse bedsheets on it), I signed up for the trip, filled out my admissions forms to the Universidad de Palermo, and paid my deposit (money I had saved up from years of mooching off my parents and pocketing lunch money) - and all without doing my geography homework.

Geography lesson #1: When you travel from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere, seasons switch. So, my “summer” abroad really turned into three months of extra winter.

Geography lesson #2: Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris” of South America, which means that women there are super fashionable. (i.e. pack - or shop - wisely).

Geography lesson #3: Like many large metropolitan cities, Buenos Aires folk love to walk everywhere (which is probably why they can eat loads of pasta and pizza* and still look like Ariana Grande - and Adriana Lima).

(*​Buenos Aires is packed with incredible Italian restaurants thanks to the 3 million Italian immigrants who arrived from the mid 1800s to the 1940s.)

To further complicate my transition to Buenos Aires, I grew up in New Mexico, which means that cold is 50 degrees, fashion is whatever was sold at American Eagle on the east coast 5 years ago (or a decent Texas Walmart 2 years ago) and walking is something you do for exercise (typically around the block with a friend or with a dog, typically a chihuahua).

Needless to say, I arrived in Buenos Aires totally unprepared.

On a particularly cold day, I found myself in a predicament in the second mile of my daily five-mile pilgrimage to the university. And, while I had learned to enjoy the exercise, I hadn’t learned to appreciate the looks I received from literally everyone who noticed my slightly-worn, extra-pink Old Navy flip flops. They pointed. They whispered. They openly mocked and gawked (both in Spanish and English). And, then, my flip flop broke. (If you have ever fallen victim to a inopportune flip flop break, you know exactly what happened.) The hole tore all the way through the bottom, leaving my sandal all flop and no flip. Considering I was a broke college student late to class, I had two options: Walk home awkwardly with one bare foot on totally disgusting streets (everyone in Buenos Aires lives in apartments - and everyone in Buenos Aires has approximately 2.5 dogs - which means the sidewalks in Buenos Aires are covered with precisely a crap ton of dog crap) OR walk to class awkwardly with one bare foot on totally disgusting streets. (I guess there may have been a third option, which would have been to sit down on a nearby bench and hope for a My Fair Lady moment.)

So, me being the straight-A student, I finished my walk to class. (And, of course, the professor didn't show up - totally typical.)

Not one discerning Argentinean eye allowed me to take a step without alerting me to the fact that it was cold, I was barefoot, and I was a stupid American.

The next day, I invested in a $5 pair of alpargatas (house slippers that are now sold for $60 and called TOMS) and took to heart one important thing: Details matter.

Whether it’s what you’re wearing - or what you’re writing - people will always pay attention to details.

No one cared that I had done my hair (semi-acceptable Gwyneth Paltrow inspired waves) or painted my nails (a matte gold which was totally ahead - or way behind - its time), but the fact that I was missing a shoe and barefoot in winter walking to school consumed everyone’s attention. The takeaway? It doesn’t matter how nice the big picture is - people are going to look for details - and they’ll either love them or hate them.

But, either way, you’ll have gotten their attention.

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