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Don’t Bring Crappy Gifts to a Birthday Party (And What That Means for Your Business)

In the third grade, I was invited to an all-boy birthday party by my friend Peter. The funny class clown, Peter was popular with all of the boys, especially those who would dig in the sand with him during lunch. (You know, to find incredible treasures, like those little plastic containers that hold crackers on one side and “cheese” on the other side - so good for collecting rocks!)

I always found Peter to be super nice to me, allowing me to cut in line at the water fountain and even taking the remains of my lunch to the trash can. He even let me check out the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from the library even though he had been waiting two whole weeks for Mike G. to bring it back. One time, Peter’s mom slipped and told me that he liked me (like “liked liked”) while we were lining up for class one morning.

Upon hearing this information trickle from her mouth, Peter proceeded to turn bright red and quickly ran to the back of the line where I imagined him telling his friends how he would need to find a new place to live because his mom had officially been placed on his list.

In any case, I shouldn’t have been surprised, then, that Peter invited me to his party. All signs pointed to me being that can of grape soda he was currently crushing on.

As the birthday party approached, I thought about the gift I should bring:

  • a homemade card with some money so that we could share a slushie at recess
  • a t-shirt with his favorite cartoon character
  • a new soccer ball because he told me that he had just joined a (super cool) AYSO team

Looking back, all three would have been a great choice. But, instead, I began to doubt my ability to pick out a gift for a boy. 

How could I, a girl, have any idea what Peter, a boy, would want?

The morning of the party and still completely gift-less, I asked my dad for help. Promising that all boys like old things from dead animals, he took me to a fossil shop and helped me pick out a shark tooth. I wrapped it up and tucked it under my arm as I got out of my dad’s gold Astro van in front of Peter’s house.

The moment Peter opened the gift, I knew I screwed up. Not only was my gift far from personal, but, when he asked me what it was, I said it was just something my dad picked out at a store.

I could tell Peter was disappointed.

Hadn’t I been paying attention?

What does this have to do with your business?

Whether you’ve been paying attention to what your audience needs (and just not trusting your instincts) or you’re so busy that you’re actually not so sure about what your audience wants, what you give them, especially in terms of content, matters.

Think of it like this: Every single person who lands on your website is like a kid who invited you to their birthday party.

If you know them well enough to give them what they want to see on your blog (not a shark tooth), they will like (like “like like”) you. And, if that content you give them feels super personal because you’ve taken the time to walk in their shoes (and then write about it in a really fun and engaging way), then you’ll probably get an invitation back to their next party.

(FYI, Peter never invited me to another birthday party again. And, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom was always unavailable.)

If you want your business to grow and succeed, then you need to be collecting party invitations like baseball cards.

You need to know your audience forwards and backwards and give them what they want each and every time you post content. (That way, they'll feel like this...)

Too much to tackle on your own?

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Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love that?

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