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Everyone Needs a Side Hustle (Including You)

​Before I got my Real Estate License and started writing for Buzzy Blogs I told myself I just needed to find joy in being a Stay-At-Home-Mom.

I loved staying home with my two girls (and still do!) They made me laugh, they made me so proud I thought my heart would burst, and yeah, they drove me a little bit insane, but putting my career on hold to stay home with our children was what my family needed and I was determined to figure out a way to shake the feeling that I needed something MORE from life.

My friends around me enjoyed being Stay-At-Home-Moms, so I could too eventually, right?

Truth is, many nights I went to bed with my “tank” half full. Still looking on the bright side, I knew I needed to start a side hustle, get my feet wet, but still be able to raise my girls at home with me.

So I went to real estate school and wrote blogs at night while caring for my children during the day. Sure, I was exhausted and stretched too thin at times, but it was the best decision I ever made. After talking to friends and family about how much my life had changed and how I’d finally been able to go to bed with a “full tank,” I came to the conclusion that

EVERYONE needs a side hustle.

Here’s Why…

They Force You To Grow

When you’re working the same job you’ve done for years, even if you generally enjoy what you’re doing, you may start to feel stagnant or stuck or even depressed. The mundane routines can start to take a toll (Speaking from experience here!), but when you’re pursuing a side hustle that you’re passionate about it forces you to grow personally and professionally with every step forward you take.

They Provide Another Source of Income

Whether you’re starting your side hustle as a hobby or as another way to generate income, I’ve never heard of someone complain about making more money. A side hustle can help you bring in some extra money to help make your car payment each month or could generate enough income to leave your job. Having multiple avenues of income is great decision for you and your future.

They Make You Happier

Having more income can lessen the stress on any person, even if it’s just and extra $50 a month (YAY! Now I won’t feel guilty about getting a manicure!) and when you feel like you’re growing as a person, you’ll naturally feel proud of yourself and new accomplishments. Overall, you’ll just be happier.

More than that you’ll have a creative outlet that can help you “decompress” from your day-to-day job. You’ll feel accomplished that you’ve spent your spare time, as valuable as it is on something more worthwhile than binge watching Netflix. A side hustle will get you out of your normal circles of people and bring you into different communities where you’re likely to meet new people that can form into worthwhile business networks or even lasting friendships.

​About the Author

​Alexandra gained her writing experience during her time with the Department of Energy as a Contract Specialist where she wrote government contracts and amendments. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a bachelor's degree in Economics. She is a native New Mexican who also recently became a real estate broker in North Carolina. Currently she is living near Fort Bragg with her husband and their two children while he serves in the Army.

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