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Finding Focus in the New Year

Happy New Year!

Although it may be a little late, the beginning of a new year is always something to celebrate, and I think that you can celebrate until the end of January before you have to buckle down and get serious. That being said, I have been thinking about the start of 2018 for some time now and I have some thoughts to share.

2017 was a great year for my family and me.  It felt like we made progress on things that we had been working on for awhile (our budget, our careers, our parenting style, etc.) and we found a rhythm that seems to be working in our daily life. As we started to approach the end of December, I began to wonder how we could keep the good going and find even more improvement in the year to come.

Honestly, I have never really been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  It always seems as though we give up on them easily or they fail despite our lasting efforts.  My theory is that resolutions focus our attention on the negative aspects of our life instead of the positive.  For example, wanting to lose weight focuses on the fact that you have weight to lose or that your appearance is sub-par. Or perhaps making a resolution to be a better friend draws attention to the fact that maybe you aren’t the best friend right now. So, whether you had the best year of your life or it was one of the worst years, setting resolutions opens up the possibility to bring yourself down.

For this reason, to start off 2018, we decided to choose a focus instead of a resolution.  Our focus is a Bible verse that we chose together. This verse helps us to think about the positive in every day and to enjoy living in the moments that we have been created for.

Your focus doesn’t have to be a Bible verse, that's just what fits us best. (You do you, ya know!)  It could be a single word, a song, a quote, a picture or a feeling.  Choose something that inspires you, sets your heart on fire, or makes your dreams go wild.  

Find what makes you come alive and think about it each and every day.  

If you haven’t decided how you want to start your new year yet, I challenge you to find a focus.  Find the positive in your everyday.  Live your year knowing that there is good in the present and in what’s to come.

​About the Author

​Ellie is a wife, a mama and a dreamer of big dreams living in the suburbs of Chicago. Her love of writing goes back to her childhood in small town Illinois. By day, she manages donor communications for a non-profit organization. By night she is building her own brand, Grow Yourself Girl, focused on helping women build professional skills. Ellie loves writing of all kinds, but resumes and grants are some of her favorites!

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