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Finding the Fun in the “Fuuuuuuuu*k!”

Now, if this were a tantra blog, I’d have a whole other set of advice for you. But, sorry to disappoint, I’m going to focus on business with this one. You see, the last month or so I’ve been finding myself dealing with a whole lot of “fuuuuuuu*k” moments, the kind where the word slips from your mouth as more of a sigh/groan than it does an exclamation. It’s the reaction you have, or at least I have, when things start to spiral seemingly out of control. Just when you think you’ve reached the very peak of your threshold, these moments come out of nowhere and with the sole intent of making you crazy/miserable/laughing hysterically in a fetal position.

I’ve been doing the self-employed, entrepreneur thing for the last six years and what I’ve (slowly) learned is that business, like life, comes in cycles. These seasons are unavoidable, unless of course you bury yourself indoors and close all the windows, which, in the world of business, is the equivalent of playing it safe all the time. Eventually you have to go outside. And, when you do, there’s bound to be some sort of weather. When it’s sunny and nice and you’re able to kick back and sip your rose, of course it’s easy to have fun. But, when it’s windy and dusty and dry and hot (like spring in New Mexico), those “fuuuuuuuuuu*k” moments happen almost subconsciously, making you want to head home, throw away your hair straightener, and binge watch New Girl. (Yes, that’s a little too specific, but I feel like you can make it apply…)

The problem is that the more you allow yourself to have this response, the harder it will be to ever change that response when you need to. And, when you’re running your own business, you don’t have the option to get rattled when the wind starts to blow. If you do, you’ll quickly discover that you, and your business, won’t be gaining any traction.

The trick, then, is learning how to find the fun in the “fuuuuuu*k” moments. You have to retrain your brain to see the shitload of problems as an “exciting opportunity to grow!” (Yes, it’s cheesy, but, just like how a fake smile can fool your brain into getting happy, even sarcastically tackling these shitty moments can teach your brain how to toughen up.)

So, the next time you find yourself at your door facing a dust storm, remember that you have two options. You can either curl up under a blanket and decide you’re totally cool with stunting your growth in the sake of great hair.

Or, you can put on your big girl pants and run headfirst into the storm, turning your “fuuuuuuuuuuu*k” into “fu*k yes!”


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​Julie Schoen is the founder of Buzzy Blogs. She is also a best-selling author, copywriter, yoga instructor and entrepreneur. ​She lives in New Mexico with her three children, her husband and their two dogs. ​

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