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Get Your Content Seen: 5 Strategies for Smart Content Marketing

​One of the biggest questions we get at Buzzy Blogs is, “Where do I publish my content?” And, more likely than not, the follow-up question is, “How do I know it will be seen?”

We hear you.

While your website’s blog is the obvious place to start, the rest of the content publishing world online can feel a little foggy - even for content marketers. As with anything online, the landscape is always changing, which makes it difficult to simply feel your way through the fog. You need to be as strategic about where you’re posting your content as you are about the types of content you’re creating.

Even the best content can remain hidden, even elusive, if it’s not published in the right place.

If you really want to make sure your content gets read - and shared - then here are 5 smart content marketing strategies you need to implement right now:

  1. ​Take advantage of influencers. Influencer marketing is incredibly effective, which is why it has become so huge over the last two years. If you want to make sure your content gets consumed, you need to leverage the power of influencers within your specific niche. And, rather than waiting until after you’ve hit publish, get them involved pre-publication. Letting influencers in on something that hasn’t been released yet helps them to take ownership (which is the best way to use influencers) and will generate BUZZ. Reaching out to influencers before you’ve finished your work is also a great way to quickly read your audience - is what you’re writing actually something they’ll be interested in? If the feedback isn’t obviously enthusiastic and eager, consider re-working your content so that it is. Not sure where your influencers are? Mailshake and Voila Norbert are two great tools you can use. Voila Norbert will help you find your influencers’ email addresses; Mailshake will help you create personalized email sequences for cold leads.
  2. Remodel and update past content. While it can feel necessary to always create new content (and, yes, it is important), it’s also a good practice to go back to old content and find ways to refresh, especially if that piece of content performed well or had high levels of engagement. Changing the format to make it feel more current, updating statistics, adjusting the title to include the year or rewriting the introduction so that it includes a current topic are all ways to make sure all of your content, not just the most recent, is working hard for you.
  3. Offer snack-size portions. While it’s nice to think that people have time to read all of your content line-by-line, chances are people are going to skim. But, even this can feel like work. Help your audience consume your content by creating snack-size portions. You can test a variety of lengths to see just how hungry your audience is - make at least 10 different length snippets and then track engagement. These snippets are also frequently shared more than entire articles, so doing this can also drastically increase your visibility. When crafting your snippets, play with titles, questions, statistics and calls to action.
  4. Be confident, say yes. Whenever you have the opportunity to publish content, do your best to say yes. When written well and with the intent of adding value, having your content published is almost always a good idea. One of the only cases where you wouldn’t want to say yes is if the publication clearly doesn’t align with your values or the values of your core audience. The more you get published, the more likely you’ll be seen - it’s just a numbers game! And, the more likely you are to be seen, the more likely you’ll get those opportunities you’ve been looking for, like speaking events, podcasts, book deals, etc.
  5. Share to strategic communities. If you have a small audience, then you need to get in front of larger communities in order to make sure your content is seen. You’ll find that some of the best communities are free, but some of them will require a small membership fee (which is totally worth it in our opinion, especially if that’s where your audience is showing up). Below are some of our favorite go-to sites for sharing new content:
    Blog Engage

We know that there’s no super secret sauce to being successful with content marketing. Your content either works - or it doesn’t. It either add value - or it doesn’t. It’s either seen - or it isn’t. But, we do know for sure that the only chance your content marketing strategy will work is if you publish a lot of really great content.

The more prolific you are with your content, and the more willing you are to try something new and say “yes” to a variety of opportunities, the more likely you will succeed.

Ask yourself this, “Which type of content is most valuable to my audience? Which type of content will help my business grow? Which type of content is most likely to open new doors?”

You don’t have to be right every time, you just have to get started. 

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