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We're so glad we found Buzzy Blogs. They write informative blogs succinctly and in a style readers can relate to. Just what we were looking for!

Business Owner
JeenieBlog Owner

Amazing writing! They nailed it without needing any changes.


Get as involved in the brainstorming and research as you want! Send our team your ideas, titles, podcasts, videos and we'll do the rest. Or, sit back and relax and let your worker bees do everything for you!


Our team of professional writers know how to make your blog stand out. We never sacrifice style for SEO (although we will still work your keywords in!) Every blog we write is designed to be read and enjoyed.


Get crafted, magazine-worthy content delivered directly to your inbox as often as you like! Choose from four blogs a month all the way to one every day! Need a custom package? We're happy to create one for you!

Honey For Your Hive

Go from worker bee, to Queen bee

Meet Our Co-Founder, Head Writer and Senior Editor

Julie Schoen, co-founder of Buzzy Blogs, has been writing professionally since 2012. She has written and published over 70 eBooks and her writing has been featured in Web M.D., Gaia, Yoginiology, Elephant Journal, and more. She has her Master's Degree in Creative Non-Fiction Writing and has taught English, Spanish, and Yoga around the world since 2007.

She lives in New Mexico with her husband, three children and their Basset Hound.

ArikaHealth & Wellness Brand

Excellent job! Original writing in the direction and tone I was looking for. Would highly recommend!

Buzzy Blogs is the best at their craft... you can rest assured that you will get quality work every time.

JerryTravel Brand
AshleyBeauty Brand

Buzzy Blogs has been my go-to whenever I need content done. They do an amazing job!

Here's How:

  • A stale blog gives your competition the chance they need to get ahead
  • An active, fresh, awesome blog makes your audience happy
  • When your audience is happy, that means they like you, trust you, and want to do business with you
  • Blog content created by Buzzy Blogs takes your website's content from garbage to gold
  • People will pay good money for gold (and that's what we'll give you)

Honey For Your Hive

Go from worker bee, to Queen bee

Unlike other companies that offer to create content for your blogs, the team at Buzzy Blogs is focused on creating one thing: magazine-worthy writing that you and your audience will love. While we use SEO and keywords to help your content be found, our writing always comes first. You will never receive content that is poorly written, filled with errors, late, or, most importantly, a bore to read.

"Absolutely amazing writers! Buzzy Blogs took a simple topic and made it unique beyond what we could have thought up. We will continue to use their writing services for our website."

IanHealth Brand

Happy Hive

4 articles each month

500 words each

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The Swarm

20 articles month

500 words each

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Gold Honey

8 articles month

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Queen Bee

28 articles month

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