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How to Meaningfully Engage with Your Audience in 2019: Changing How You Blog and Why

​It’s hard to get out of the mindset that writing for your business’s blog is more than just a to-do. While there are plenty of numbers and statistics out there that can show you how effective this type of content marketing can be, there are also dozens of other things you should be doing for your business, ones that promise to be just as lucrative and rewarding.

Why should you keep blogging in 2019?

​Here’s why…

Your blog is an opportunity for you to recreate a new definition for the word “marketing” - a definition that is far removed from the sleazy, aggressive undertones that have unfortunately become the norm. If you really love what you do, then marketing your business is the simplest, most natural thing possible. If, however, you hate what you do or are only doing it for the money, then of course you have to rely on sneaky tactics in order to persuade people to do the thing that you don’t even believe in yourself.

I’m going to assume you love your business - that you truly believe you can change the world with what you do.

The first step to changing the way you blog is to stop thinking about what you should be writing about and, instead, turn your attention to the actual people you are writing for. The best, most effective marketing always comes from a place of empathy and concern - you WANT to help people and you’re confident that what you do is the answer.

The content you create for your blog is an incredible opportunity for you to open the door to your world, shining a light on what you do so that the people who need to see it the most can. Your blog and the marketing that is done on it should always be guided by these two questions:

1. Who can I help?

2. Who can I serve?

​As you begin to develop empathy for the people included in your business’s niche, knowing what they need to hear and see starts to become obvious. Allow your marketing to be guided by people first - ALWAYS. Does that mean you can’t incorporate smart keywords or intelligent SEO strategies? No! But, it does mean that those additions should come AFTER you’ve addressed what your people really need.

In fact, some of the best ​blogging SEO you can do is actually answering the questions your audience is asking!

Seth Godin, the master of meaningful marketing, uses a super simple Three Sentence Marketing Template to help guide everything he does. You can translate this template to your blog, using these sentences as guide posts for each piece of content you create or develop.

Sentence #1: My product is for people who believe _______________.
Sentence #2: I will focus on people who want ____________________.
Sentence #3: I promise that engaging with what I make will help you ________________.

At the heart of each piece of content you create or publish on your blog this year should be the essence of at least one of these three sentences. Engage your audience by knowing who they are and what they believe - and talk about it openly without worrying about narrowing your audience. (Remember, you WANT the smallest viable audience possible in order to truly be successful.) Know what your audience wants and then help them understand it. Use your blog as the jumping off point for great conversations.

Let your blog showcase what you do and, most importantly, how it helps YOUR people. Be prolific with the content you create without ever sacrificing WHO you are, WHAT you do, and WHY you do it.

And, if that WHY is always putting people first, then let your blog be a place made just for them.

Marketing isn’t complicated or tricky. Neither is blogging. What makes both of them difficult is when you stray from your core principles and the people who make your business possible. Let 2019 be the year you transform your blog from a boring, outdated, keyword stuffed page no one ever visits into a freakin’ awesome party bus dance fest for your audience.

And, remember, our team at Buzzy Blogs is always here to help you do that.

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