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Learning When to Say “YES”

One of the best things about running your own business or leading a freelance life is the fact that there are constant invitations to boost your income.  Whether it is taking on more clients or dipping your toes into something new, an opportunity is always knocking. If you are a “fresh” mompreneur like myself, all of these opportunities are exciting and you probably find it difficult to turn them down.  After all, your dreams don’t work unless you do, right?

Not always.

Although it is difficult to turn down opportunities for new clients or work, as a mompreneur your life has to be about working smarter, not harder.  This was a difficult concept for me to learn...and I’m still working on it. However, after reading a lot of blogs about knowing when to say “No.”, I came to a realization.  What I really need to learn is when to say “Yes!”

Taking on new clients, a bigger workload or a new opportunity is not something to take lightly.  Every new project or client meeting, although it means more money, also means time away from your home and your family and as mompreneurs spending time with those we love is a big reason of why we do what we do.  Therefore, EVERYTHING​ we do should have a purpose.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t embrace opportunities with open arms, or that we shouldn’t seek out projects that could improve our lives. What I’m saying is that we have to know what opportunities are worth our time in the long run and the grand scheme of our ultimate goals.

So, next time you are presented with an opportunity, ask yourself these three questions…

Will it bring me joy?

Will it bring me closer to my ultimate goal?

Will I learn something valuable from it?

These questions will lead you to your final answer...Is it "yes?"

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​​Ellie is a talented momma, wife and career girl. When she's not fueling up at the local coffee shop, she's busy helping women discover their true potential on Grow Yourself Girl and Buzzy Blogs.

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