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Mompreneur? Yes, You Can

​Every time you open your phone or your computer, there it is, a notification telling you that one of your “mom friends” on Facebook friends has started their own business, officially becoming a “mompreneur”. The businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are network marketing businesses, selling everything from leggings to lipsticks. Others are blogging businesses, where your friends are featured sharing their knowledge on food, poopy diapers, fashion and everything in-between with the world. Then, there are brick and mortar stores; friends opening up shop selling cute home decor, boutique style clothing, or coffee and cupcakes. 

You see the posts, and you are happy for them, but there is a little piece of you that is envious or even annoyed that someone else, that wasn’t you, thought of another great idea and ran with it. You get over your envy and annoyance by thinking “We’re all moms. We’re supposed to stick together.”  You return to corralling the kids or your 9-5, but you still wonder, “Can I do it too? Do I have what it takes to be a mompreneur?

​Why Become a Mompreneur

There are many reasons for becoming a mompreneur. Some moms have to stay home with their children but want to contribute financially. Others work 9-5, but long to wake up in the morning with their kiddos and not have to leave.  Others still, simply have a passion inside of them and they want to share it with the world through their business.

Mompreneurs do not fit into a specific mold, they are all unique in their own rights.

​The mompreneur life is a tough one, and success doesn't come easily or overnight.  Mom's who start their own business put in a lot of hours after the kids are in bed to make their businesses work.  For most mompreneurs, the sacrifices they make for their business are worth the rewards they will see in the end through the extra time spent with their family, extra money for the household, or the fruition of a dream.

How to Become a Mompreneur

​Truthbomb. There is no "How To Guide" on how to become a mompreneur. In today's world, you can start a business much easier than in the past. Networking marketing companies offer buy-in for a very low cost, and with the internet and social media, you can start promoting your brand almost instantly.  But, that does not mean that becoming a mompreneur is a one-size fit all package. 

There are two keys to becoming a mompreneur. The first is to find your passion, and the second is to decide to go all-in.

​Whether your passion is cupcake baking, resume writing, home decorating, sewing baby bibs, or social media marketing (among many many other things), you can turn it into a business.  Once you have discovered this passion, you have to decide that nothing will stop you from changing your life and others through it. If you have done those two things, you are ready to start your mompreneur journey.

So, the next time you are daydreaming about running your own life, staying home with your babies, or taking on the world remember this: You can be a mompreneur too. You are a mom,  you can do anything.

​About the Author

​Ellie is a wife, a mama and a dreamer of big dreams living in the suburbs of Chicago. Her love of writing goes back to her childhood in small town Illinois. By day, she manages donor communications for a non-profit organization. By night she is building her own brand, Grow Yourself Girl, focused on helping women build professional skills. 

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