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​Julie Schoen | Founder ​& ​​​Head Writer

WHO SHE IS: I am the girl with a plan, responsible for the day-to-day behind Buzzy Blogs, both the creative and the nitty-gritty. As a digital entrepreneur, writer, yoga teacher, and mom of three, I personally understand what it feels like to be trying to juggle everything. I created Buzzy Blogs with one goal in mind: to help busy business-owners succeed. To this day I still find it difficult to create time writing blogs for myself and, unlike other people, it is sincerely something I love to do.  The mission behind Buzzy Blogs is to help businesses create a solid content marketing plan, one that delivers fresh, valuable blogs consistently so that you have one less thing to worry about. And, unlike other writing services, we make it personal, getting to know you and your voice so that you love everything, from the first word to the final sentence. 

BALANCE IS: Buzzy Blogs is all about helping you find balance. For me, finding balance involves strategic time to work, study, travel and play. It's turning off my phone and computer at 6:00 so I can cook and read stories with my family. It's working really hard and then making time to get outside, whether that's hiking in the foothills or gardening in my backyard. It's getting on my yoga mat before I sit down at my keyboard so that I can physically release anything that's going to get in my way of being present.  It's breathing really deep and then taking action.

HOME IS: The brown desert landscapes of New Mexico, the arms of my husband, and rolling on the floor laughing with my thr babies: Asher, Marlowe, and Max.

Rochelle Turri | Project Manager

WHO SHE IS: I am the brains and organization behind every project at Buzzy Blogs. Call me crazy, but I love working with people. Connecting
with people, connecting people and finding ways to meet
people's needs and wants is my passion. There is something truly awesome about helping a connection be made, whether it be two like minded people who can enrich each other's lives, or connecting someone with that thing in their life they need. It's something I do, and would do, even if it wasn't a job. I'm also a boy mama and lover of adventures (and Target).

BALANCE IS: Balance is showing yourself love as much as you do all the other people and things in your life.

HOME IS: Home is wherever I'm with the people who truly know me and love me anyway - my hubby and 3 baby boys!

​We write. You do you. The crowd goes wild.

​We have happy clients all over the world, from Australia to Mexico.

I wanted to share that my blog is being liked by many and you are part of my success so thank you! Also I wanted to tell you I was invited to a local tv show to speak about my blog. Thank you for your expertise.

Hannah K. April 3, 2018

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