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Sidelining Stress for Successful Entrepreneurs: 3 Ways to Reclaim Your Life

Let’s face it, there’s that moment every entrepreneur faces when they ask themselves, “What the hell am I doing?” Late hours, impossible deadlines, endless ideas that keep you awake at night. For many successful entrepreneurs, life is even more hectic than it would be if they were working a fast-paced, high-paying corporate job. And, as we all know, there’s a reason for the madness. Rather than working for someone else, we’re doing it for ourselves. For most of us, we’re doing what we love, working on what we’re passionate about. Our purpose is so much bigger than it would be if we were just another cog in someone else’s wheel…

This passion is what gets us through the late nights. It’s what helps us to wake up early, to work until it feels impossible, to achieve what others write off as crazy.

And yet, if we’re not careful, the stress creeps in and we are left feeling depleted. Utterly exhausted. And in those moments, we get tempted to leave it all behind. To find something easier, more sane. These are the times when entrepreneurs give up. The exact moment that they fail.

Which is why learning how to sideline stress is so crucial. Yes, we need to be able to push ourselves, but, if the tank is empty, no matter how hard we push on the pedal, our car isn’t going to go anywhere.

Here are three ways you can start reclaiming your life now. (And, no, they won’t make you any less successful. In fact, they’ll do the opposite! I promise.)

1. Vary Your Schedule. Success is nothing more than focused repetition, being so determined to get what you want that you stop at nothing to get it. For many entrepreneurs, this means setting a rigid schedule and worshiping those preset times day in, day out. And while having a schedule is undoubtedly important, equally important are those days when you ease off a bit. One of the perks of being an entrepreneur is that you are the boss. It’s okay to sleep in on a Tuesday if you need to or if it makes you feel good. Take that lunch date with your friend on a Wednesday and work your schedule around it. Pick up that yoga class on Friday morning, because you can! Learning how to get what you need to done while enjoying every day, making the most of your self-employment, will give you the motivation you need to push when you need to.

2. Unplug With Purpose. As entrepreneurs, we can feel like we need to be hyper-aware of everything, not only within our own business but also what others are saying and doing. But staying plugged in, responding to every message, reading every email immediately, is exhausting - and, in reality, impossible. You will get so much more done if you turn off your phone and reminders, sign out of emails, and keep off social media. Commit to doing one thing and don’t “plug” back in until it’s done.​

3. Don’t Forget To Dream. It’s easy to get caught up in the work. So much so that you can completely forget about why you are doing it. What is the purpose behind it? What are those wonderfully, seemingly unrealistic, dreams that keep you going? Every day you should be reminding yourself of your purpose and your dreams in whatever way you can. Those little parts of your dream life you picture doing regularly when you’ve finally “made it”? Start incorporating them into your weeks as much as you can. Help your brain understand what it will feel like when you have “arrived”. Don’t wait! And those bigger things that make up your dreams? That’s what dream boards are for!

Stress is a part of normal human life. For entrepreneurs, it’s even more so. And while stress is undoubtedly necessary and helpful for getting things done, we must remember that too much is depleting, both mentally and physically.

Push yourself yes, but, for fuck’s sake, take care of yourself. We need you at your most awesome self in order to do what you’re meant to do.​