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Telling Your Story: 3 Ways to Give Your Audience What They Really Want to Hear

​Every brand, whether it’s a multi-million dollar one with an instantly recognizable logo or a solopreneur that offers services on a DIY website, needs to be sharing their story with their audience. Stories are what set you apart. They are what fascinate and inspire, what build trust and grow followings. But, when it comes to telling your brand story, knowing what to share and what to say isn’t so easy.

How much is too much? Which part of the story really matters?

Looking through blog posts, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of confusion. And, to be honest, most brands aren’t doing it right.

If you want to empower your brand, giving it what it needs to develop a loyal following of customers, then you need to be doing these three things when you share your story:

1. Don’t Be The Hero. The biggest mistake brand when telling their stories is putting themselves in the hero’s shoes. As tempting as it is, your brand needs to position itself as the mentor, the teacher, the guide - not the hero. While you can use your personal experience as an example, these details should only be shared with the purpose of helping your audience become the hero. How are you helping them get to where they want to be? How can you better serve them so that they reach their dreams? A great teacher can only be great if she has a classroom full of students who are listening. Unless your audience is captivated, your story will go unheard. And, the only way to captivate as a brand is to empower your customer.

2. Make It Personal. The more human you can be, the more you will attract your following. So many brands stay away from sharing details that feel too personal because they are afraid it will divide their audience. If I tell them what I really believe, some people might not like me anymore. That’s okay. In fact, you want to disrupt and divide with your stories. If everything coming out of your mouth is vanilla ice cream, then, while you might not piss people off, you definitely won’t be igniting any passion either. It’s so much more effective for a brand to have a smaller group of on-fire followers than a larger group of admirers that feel more or less indifferent.

3. Focus On The Journey. No matter which type of business you’re in, everyone really is wanting to do the same thing - sell transformation. Your audience is looking to you to make their life better, whether you’re a graphic designer, a shoe brand, or a gourmet spice company on Amazon. Your brand’s stories should make this transformation palpable, focusing on the hero’s journey, walking your audience step-by-step through the before and after. If you manage to do this, your sales and conversions will skyrocket.

Anyone can offer the product you offer. Anyone can compete with pricing and quality. But, the one thing no one can replicate is your story, which is why it’s the most powerful marketing tool you have at your disposal.

Give your audience what they want to hear - tell them better stories.

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