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The Basic Benefits of Blogging for Business (Even If You’re Not a Writer)

Let’s start with the cold hard facts.  There are over 400 million blogs on the internet.  Yep, you read that right, 400 MILLION. That insane statistic might surprise you, but then again, it might not when you think about the fact that your cousin’s best friend Susie and the girl next door have both started new food blogs in the last month.

Of course, at Buzzy Blogs we are ALL about blogging for business.

After all, it is our business.  But, that doesn’t mean that people always think we offer a valuable service.  In fact, we hear a lot of (not so good) excuses about why businesses have never started or never want to start a blog. Excuses that are even better than the classic “my dog ate my homework” line. Here are a few of them…

  • ”If everyone else is blogging, there is no reason for me to do it too.”
  • "I highly doubt the time I pour into my blog will benefit my business. My cousin isn't rich."
  • "The internet is already oversaturated with too much information. Why add to the noise?"

And the best one: "I'm not a writer, so I can't/shouldn't have a blog".

Any guesses as to what we have to say to all of these excuses?

Blogging for your business is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. No matter what, you NEED to do it.

Wanna know why?

1. BLOGGING GETS PEOPLE TO YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE. When you build a website, you have one primary goal: getting people to it to so they can buy your goods/services.  Blogs create a way for you to achieve that goal. Every piece of content you create for your blog can be shared across multiple different platforms to reach a diverse group of audiences.  You can share it out on Facebook, talk about it in your latest Instagram story, or even publish it on LinkedIn. People see the blog, click on it, and BOOM they're on your website - mission accomplished!

​​​​2. BLOGGING EDUCATES YOUR CUSTOMERS & COMMUNICATES THE (UNIQUE) VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS. There is a reason you went into business.  Maybe the reason is you have a passion for curating personalized jewelry. Or, maybe you're an incredibly talented web designer with a passion for women-owned businesses. Whatever the reason is behind your business, your customers deserve to know, and blogging can make that happen.

#TRUTHBOMB: So many people think blogging for business has to be dry, but the blogs on your website don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) boring listicles with a series of bullet points or 5-page How-To-Guides that put readers to sleep. Instead, they should be packed with the passion you have for your business and information about the unique value you have to offer.

At Buzzy Blogs we are IN LOVE with helping our clients (and readers) get the tools they need to build blogs they love.  We strive to give out only the BEST advice and provide the best examples of what true content marketing and blogging for a business look like. And sometimes we just like to share great stories...because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great story?  

(BTW, if you ever need a list of ideas for blog posts that will help educate your customers and communicate your unique value check out our 137 FREE Blog Topic Ideas that will take the blah out of your blog.)

3. BLOGGING BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS. You know your cousin’s best friend Susie and her food blog? You tried the cake recipe she shared on Facebook last week. Didn’t you? But, why? Because you know Susie, you like her, and you TRUST her.  

People today want to do business with those they know and trust. Now, thanks to the internet, there are more ways to get to know someone than over a cup of coffee.  

If you produce content for your blog that communicates value and educates your readers they will slowly get to know and trust you. They will remember the time you shared about your kid calling you out for not making their Pop-Tart and the tips you provided that helped them land their first side-hustle after they had been trying for months (and months). And, as they remember the details of what you have shared on your blog, you will become a trusted source of information and a trusted source for goods and/or services.

4. BLOGGING CREATES AN IDENTITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS. The more you focus on blogging for business, the more the world is going to notice your presence.  As your posts are shared across social media platforms and your expertise is recognized by buyers, others in the industry will get to know you as well. When that happens, you become a figure of authority for your industry, and your brand awareness grows stronger than ever before.

Brand awareness is one of the MOST VALUABLE assets a business can have (even more valuable than money itself).  It creates sustainability and sets the standard for what a company can charge for its goods and services. If your company has high brand awareness, it's not going anywhere (at least not for a really long time).

5. BLOGGING BOOSTS YOUR BUSINESS SEO. Although we never recommend writing a blog purely to boost your SEO, we acknowledge and appreciate the fact that SEO is essential to running a successful online business.  

If you have a consistent schedule, incorporate the appropriate keywords into your blogs (while still communicating value), and follow other SEO principles, you can boost your SEO just by blogging!That means, when people search for goods or services like yours on Google, your website will be more likely to show up at the top of the list.

So, who wants more business?  

Now, you might still be thinking...

But don’t you have to be a writer to have a blog?

Our answer? No!

In fact, some of the best bloggers out there never had professional writing experience before they started their blogs! But, with a little bit of practice and a lot of persistence they were able to create content that took their business to the next level. So, although it's essential to have a general knowledge of writing principles, you don't necessarily have to be a writer to have a blog.  

What you do need, however, is time.  Starting a blog for your business, especially one that produces results, is not something that just magically happens overnight.  It takes time (and quite a bit of it) to create content, optimize it for SEO, and put it on your website.

It's a lot of time that a lot of people just don’t have.

The great news, however, is that there are resources that can help you build your blog and make it better than you ever imagined.

Enter, Buzzy Blogs.

At Buzzy Blogs we get to know you and your business inside and out so we can effectively communicate your unique value to your customers, educating them on all of the awesome things you have to offer.  We take our talents, like storytelling, data translation, and SEO, and use them to create an online presence you can be proud of.

Ready to get started?

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