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The Buzzy Blog Definition of Marketing

In a lot of circles, marketing is a dirty word. And for good reason. Even way back in the Mad Men days there was a lot of sleazy stuff happening in (and under and on the tables of) marketing boardrooms. To say that you work in marketing or are a marketer often makes people feel like you’re okay with lying and cheating. So much so that many business owners and entrepreneurs actually refuse to “market” because they think that means they’re doing the digital equivalent of sleeping their way to the top (only without the risk of STDs).

The problem?
It’s impossible to avoid marketing. Even when you don’t want to market, just the fact of having a website or a business with doors means that you’re already marketing. If you’re not being thoughtful about it, then you’re just doing marketing poorly.

There is no way to opt out of marketing if you have a business.

So, rather than trying to avoid marketing altogether (or speaking about it in the same hushed tones you would when discussing the STD Trish just contracted from that weekend at the lake), it’s better to simply change the definition of marketing you’re working with.

“Modern Marketing” as Marie Forleo calls it, focuses on five tenants:

  1. ​Giving
  2. Caring
  3. Honest
  4. Transparent
  5. Helpful


​Marketing really is nothing more than helping people get to know you and your business. It’s answering questions, giving customers what they need, and caring about them every step of the way. Modern marketing puts the customer first - always.

And that’s exactly how it should be.

At Buzzy Blogs, we believe that the content you publish on your website and your blog is one of the most effective and powerful forms of modern marketing.
Of course, not all content or blog writing companies agree with us.

While our team uses Marie’s five tenants for marketing to guide the type of content we create for you, most of the other companies out there focus on the sleazier side of marketing. This means that instead of writing for real people, they do things to try to fool the search engine into thinking that they are being helpful. From keyword stuffing to content that is spun though apps to make it look original, their only goal is to get your website seen.

And, while we want your website to be seen too, we want to make sure it does more than just show up. The type of modern marketing we do means that we actually put something in the nicely-wrapped package your audience finds - and it’s something that is helpful, fun, and begging to be shared.

​You won’t find many content writing companies that believe in the power of well-written content for real people, but at Buzzy Blogs that’s all we know.

The only way we can feel good about the work we create is to be honest and caring about every single sentence. And, while we know not all businesses will like the warm and cozy feeling they get when they work with us, we believe that there are plenty of people who are ready to embrace the new definition of marketing - and knock their competition out of view while doing it.

Want to see what working with us is like?

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