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The Content Creation Catch 22

​According to a recent report, 57% of people agree that content creation is one of the most important parts of boosting their business’s online visibility through SEO. But, in the same report, another 48% of people admit that creating content is actually the most difficult item on their to-do list. And, while the report didn’t go into detail about why creating content is so hard for nearly half of all businesses, here are a few educated guesses…

Creating content never feels urgent. Unlike customers, who are (not always) happy to get in touch with you when you’re running late with a deadline, your blog and website will never leave you a voicemail. For most people, writing content gets pushed back to tomorrow’s to-do list every single day, which is a recipe for never getting it done.

Creating content is hard. Not everyone loves to write. And even those who enjoy the occasional journal entry aren’t always great at it. Writing is challenging. It’s isolating. And, for many people, it’s really boring. People with great intentions often leave blog posts left unpublished because they don’t feel like they are “finished” or read for people to see.

Creating content never ends. Staying fresh and relevant online requires people to be consistent with your content, which means content creation is a never-ending, constantly recurring task. Even if they do great for a month, chances are they’ll find something better to do the next month and the one after that.

And here’s where that catch-22 comes into play.

Creating content is important, and yet it’s almost impossible to make it feel like it is.

Need a kick in the pants?

Here are five reasons why publishing new content for your business should go to the top of your SEO strategy list…

1. In a 2016 report, the average first-page result on Google is nearly 2,000 words long (1,890 to be exact). The longer your content is, the better it will rank. Of course, it has to be detailed, valuable, and engaging, too.

2. In a 2015 study, content and articles over 1,000 words long will receive more shares and links than content that is less than 1,000 words. So, while it’s true that attention spans seem to be shrinking, people actually want to see more information than they’ll likely read.

3. According to content expert Neil Patel, “Web users are becoming smarter every day. They want specific answers to specific questions. The number of long-tail searches performed are increasing every day. Your content strategy needs to match their increasing savvy.” In other words, your content can’t be short - and it can’t be generic. Getting specific and going into detail is one of the best ways to make sure your business gets seen online.

4. Great content, especially pages and articles over 2,000 words long, are evergreen. Capable of pulling in tons of traffic and, if done properly, converting visitors and generating leads, these types of long-form articles are proving to be more effective (and way less money) than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns.

5. Creating valuable content allows you to be seen as an authority in your niche. If you can demonstrate knowledge and expertise, your audience will reward you. They’ll be grateful - even indebted to you - because they won’t have to hop from one website to the next to try to find the answers they’re looking for.

Want to add another layer to that catch-22 scenario? When people learn how important content is for their business, they become intimidated, scared to do something wrong. How awful would it feel to spend hours creating a piece of content, getting up the courage to publish it, attracting visitors - only to discover that it doesn’t make sense or is filled with mistakes. (Would’nt this types of things just bee the worst?)

Not to worry.

Buzzy Blogs is here to help! An all-girl team of professional writers, we’ll make sure your content stays fresh and consistent. We’ll help you find the niches and topics your audience is looking for and develop valuable content that gets seen and shared. We’ll get to know you and your business so that the content we create sounds and feels like you - only better.

No mistakes. No oddly-phrased sentences. No stale blogs.

Want to see what all the buzz about valuable content is really about? Get started with one of our professional content writing packages today! ​

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