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What My 4-Year-Old Has Taught Me About Excelling in Business

Out of all of the things I love about my kids, one of my favorite is their ability to call me out on my bullshit. Sure, it’s frustrating at the time, but when I give myself a second to step back and reflect, they are always (always!) right.

For example, this morning, as I got caught in the trap of replying to emails (yes, I know not to do this in the morning but sometimes I swear I’m transported into my inbox without my consent), my daughter requested that I make her a strawberry Pop-Tart for breakfast. 

Sure. Easy! I think to myself, but, what comes out of my mouth instead is, “Of course. Just a second.”

And, of course, it was not just a second. Five minutes later, she turns to me (this time with her four-year-old sass) and says, “MOM! I asked you to please get me a pop-tart!”

“Oh, I know,” I tell her. And then, like I’m capable of actually being in two places at once, I tell her, “I’m getting it".

Yep. I don’t move. My eyes still glued to the screen and my fingers still flying. 

Now, rightfully angry, my daughter begins to shut my laptop saying, “Mom, you’re lying. I’m hungry and you need to get me my Pop-Tart!”

My first instinct is to yell that I’m not done, that I’m not ready to get her her breakfast. My second instinct is to get mad, to scold my daughter for bossing me around because (doesn’t she realize) I’m doing super important work.

But, thankfully, I know better.

I put my things away, scoop her into my arms, and get that fucking toaster out.

It’s taken me a bit to realize, but this little girl (along with her two equally feisty brothers) is the best business mentor I’ve ever had. Not only does she call me out on my shit, but she has shown me what the number one secret to business success is - taking action.

As adults, we’ve mastered the art of lying. So much so, that we don’t even realize we’re doing it. We’re actually so good at lying that we convince ourselves we’re doing something even when we’re not. And, while I could go into a rant about how living so much online has caused us to lose any sense of accountability and responsibility, I’ll keep it simple:

If you don’t actually do what you say, you will never (ever) be successful.

In my circle of friends, there are a lot of people who talk about their businesses and how incredibly successful they are. And, at first, it looks like it all adds up.

Yep, they drive a nice car.

Yep, they seem to own their time.

Yep, that house looks like the one a successful business owner should live in.

Yep, they did just meet that person. (You know, the one that everyone in your circle of entrepreneur friends idolizes - Marie Forleo, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins, Oprah, Seth Godin, Ryan Moran…)

According to everything they’re putting out into the world, they’re super fucking successful.

But then, shit starts to stink. You start to dig a little bit deeper and you realize that there’s a lot of fog around what’s actually happening. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of “fake it till ya make it”, but when faking is all you do, then the making it part will never actually happen.

And, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be around people that blow smoke up my ass all day. (I’m not even a huge fan of those fancy toilets that spray water up your butt. Thanks but no thanks.)

I DO want to be around people who take action. People who make mistakes and aren’t afraid to talk about them. People who realize that they’ve been sitting on the sofa even when they say that they’re walking to the kitchen.

These people, no matter how big their house is or what kind of car they drive, are the kind of people who are going to get real results. Sure, it might take some years to get there, but I know 100% that they will get there, one step at a time.

Yes, taking action is scary. It means you have to leave the comfort of where you are now and venture into something different. It means you have to admit that what you’re doing right now isn’t as important as what you need to be doing. It means that you have to take responsibility for everything that happens - the huge successes and the giant shit shows.

But, I can tell you this, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

And, if you'd like help taking action, let Buzzy Blogs help! 

We can help your business succeed by doing the writing that you keep saying you’re “doing” but that you never actually “do”. 

Yes, it can be scary to actually make an investment in getting things done, but it's the only way to actually get where you want to go.

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