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Why Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Care About Their Bank Accounts

This morning I woke up early. I made it to the living room without waking up the kids or my husband to have some time to fit in my daily yoga practice and meditation. I stretched and moved as the early rays of the morning light began to stream through the windows. My meditation, cut short by my four-year-old son wanting to snuggle on the sofa while watching the morning's episode of Curious George, was plenty to get me mentally grounded and energized for the Tuesday that lied ahead. Minutes went by on the sofa, but never once did I check the clock or feel the urge to interrupt my time with my son in order to start working on today's tasks. Instead, I sat side-by-side my son as he delighted in my presence and one little monkey's curious antics.

My days are busy, but, unlike so many other people I know, I choose when to work. I choose when to plug-in and when it is necessary for me to check out. That is just one of the many reasons I choose to be an entrepreneur. One of the many reasons I’ve learned to let go stressing over the small (and not-so-small) challenges that are created by going against the grain.

Today I have $331 in my bank account. I’ve recently had much more and also much less. Money used to scare me and days like this, days when I felt like I had very little, would send me into a whirlwind of anxiety. But over the years I’ve learned that money is just energy. It’s abundant and limitless. It comes and it goes. Some days you have more and some days you have less. Coming to terms with this has afforded me the freedom to actually focus on the things that are so much bigger than money.

My days are created around the idea of family and fulfillment. Around doing things that are meaningful and helpful to others and the world around me. Around doing things that light me up, challenge me, and make me grow.

Entrepreneurs are running an entirely different race than everyone else. Our eyes and our minds are focused on something much bigger than a salary, benefits, or the rungs of someone else’s ladder. While everyone else is running circles on a track, we are in the woods, discovering the beauty of nature, climbing hills that seem too big, and being mesmerized by the view on the way up. Sure, our times might be slower in the race, but I’m willing to bet that what we learn is far more important than metaphorical numbers on a stopwatch.

Entrepreneurs invest their money. Sometimes these investments pan out and other times they don’t. We take risks, we calculate our odds, and we lay down our bets - all in the name of doing something different, something that maybe no one has ever done before.

Sure, our bank accounts might be smaller ow, but our life accounts are accumulating wealth every single day. And my bet is that, with a lot of focus and persistence, one day our bank accounts will reflect all of the hard work and sweat that have been poured into them.

And, if they don’t?

Well, I’ll be the happy one at the bar, drink in hand, sharing all of my bad-ass stories from the wilderness.